Second announcement


International scientific-practical conference

“Mountains and people”


With the purpose of celebrating the year of 2002 - Year of Mountains, as announced by UNESCO, Carpathian biosphere reserve with the support of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine, Ministry of emergencies and defence of population from consequences of the Chornobyl atomic energy station disaster of Ukraine, Zakarpatska regional state administration, Institute of ecology of the Carpathians of the NAS of Ukraine and Regional ecological centre "REC-Kyiv" prepares to conduct the International scientific-practical conference “Mountains and people”, to be held in September, 2002 in Rakhiv, Zakarpatska oblast.


The following issues are envisaged

to consider at the conference:

Requirements to the design of papers:


    Please, send your paper (4-5 pages) in Ukrainian, English or Russian language till April 1, 2002.

    Papers should be presented in the printed out version and on a diskette, using MS Word 2.0 – 7.0 (*.doc.) Font size -12. Font - Times New Roman.

    Line spacing of text - 1.5 lines. Paper size A4 (2,1-29,7 ńm). Place tables within the text. Figures - in programme Corel Draw 5.0/7.0  or *.tif. size.

    On the first page - UDC (without left indentation), below - in 2 lines spacing, centered alignment - title of paper in the uppercase. Below - in 1.5 lines spacing name and initials of the author(s) in the uppercase. Below -in 2 lines spacing - institution name, town, country. Below - in two lines spacing - small resume in  English.

    The main text begins in 2 line spacings, indentation 0.5 ńm.

    Page margins  of Ŕ4 size: top and bottom -2,5 ńm, left and right - 2 ńm.

    List of literature at the end of text.


Please, send your paper to the following address:

Organising Committee

Carpathian biosphere reserve

Krasne Pleso str., 77

90600, Rakhiv



Contact phone:  00380  3132  22193; 2-26-59


Organising Committee


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