First announcement

International scientific-practical conference “Mountains and people”

    With the purpose of celebrating the year of 2002 - Year of Mountains, as announced by UNESCO, Carpathian biosphere reserve with the support of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine, Ministry of emergencies and defence of population from consequences of the Chornobyl atomic energy station disaster of Ukraine, Zakarpatska regional state administration and Institute of ecology of the Carpathians of the NAS of Ukraine prepares to conduct the International scientific-practical conference “Mountains and people”, to be held in September, 2002 in Rakhiv, Zakarpatska oblast.

The following issues are envisaged to consider at the conference:

  1. Natural-resource potential of the mountains

  2. Mountains, as specific conditions for the residence of people

  3. Anthropogenic destruction of mountainous ecosystems and ways of their balanced management

  4. Hazards in the mountains: prevention of causes and liquidation of outcomes

  5. Problems of biological and landscape diversity conservation of the mountains

  6. Increase of the living standard of mountain-dwellers – basis of the social-economic policy of governments and local authorities

  7. Economic and legal aspects of the sustainable development strategy realization in mountainous regions

It is envisaged to publish Conference Proceedings. Requirements of the text amount and design will be indicated in the second announcement. Everybody, who sends us the enclosed filled in card of the participant, will receive the second announcement.

Address of the Organizing Committee:

Carpathian biosphere reserve,

90600, Rakhiv, P.O.Box - 8,

Zakarpatska oblast


Tel.(03132) 22193; Fax: (03132) 22444;


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