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The territory of the biosphere reserves goes under functional zoning and the differentiated regime of nature protection. Any management interference into the course of natural processes in the strictly protected (core) zone (A zone) is forbidden. In this zone the reserve carries out, in general, scientific and nature-protective tasks. Therefore, visitation of this territory is limited. In the reserve, besides the hired staff, may also work specialists from different scientific-research institutions, and also students of the higher establishments, who work on their case studies here.

In the buffer zone (B zone) that is established to avert the negative impact on the reserves core area, the management activity is strictly limited. The zone of anthropogenic landscapes (C zone), where the traditional nature use and recreation activities are conducted, is th esubjected to the constant control with some fixed regulations and limitations. These principles will also be used, while zoning the newly attached territories.

The protection system of the buffer zone and zone of the anthropogenic landscapes differs, to a great extent, from the specific protection of the strictly protected (core) zone. It lies, mainly, in the observation of special measures, aimed to limit the economic use of natural resources in these zones.

In the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, beside the traditional zones (A, B and C) exists an additionally distinguished zone of regulated protected regime. Its main task consists in renovation of the disturbed natural complexes and returning them to the natural state. Besides this, the zone provides the reserve with certain economic needs - firewood, timber, hay, etc.

The territory directly managed by the reserve without other users, with the total area of 31977 ha, was divided into zones, as follows: strictly protected /core/ (A) - 15872 ha, buffer (B) - 9351 ha, anthropogenic landscapes (C) - 4680 ha and zone of regulated protected regime 2074 ha.


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