The ecological club “Carpathians” (further Ecoclub) is ungovernmental public organisation registered by the order of Rakhiv State Administration from 30.10.1996. The basic purpose of Ecoclub is the promotion of protection and renewal of Carpathian nature. The basic directions and forms of its activity according to its Statute are:

·  The gathering and analysis of the information about state of environment;

·   Creation the new and optimisation of a conservation of existing protected areas;

·   Ecological  education;

·   Ecological expertises and development of the ecological recommendations;

·   Promotion of development of ecological tourism in the region etc.

Ecoclub is formed on the basis of informal ecological group “Carpathians”, which works at Carpathian Nature Reserve since 1983.

Since 1986 the organisation is the member of international ungovernmental ecological organisation “Social - ecological Union”. During its existence the organisation struggled against poaching and other infringements of the nature protecting legislation, and also carried out of ecological education through organisation of ecological camps, performances in mass media, conversations, lectures and excursions for visitors of Carpathian reserve and local inhabitants.

In 1994 - 1996 the majority of the members of Ecoclub took part in the project of World Bank "Protection of Carpathian biodiversity” (themes: “Description of natural complexes Carpathian Reserve ”, “ Inventory flora and fauna of Carpathian Reserve”, “Substantiation of the optimum size and contours of Carpathian Reserve, creation of network of ecological corridors”, “Creation the geographical information system of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve”) and preparing the monography “Biodiversity of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve”, and also in realisation of the project “Natural reserve "Horhany": Optimization of the territory and prospect of development ”, sopported by fundation “Revival. During 1997 Ecoclub fulfilled the BSP (Biodiversity Support Program) project “Optimisation of a network of protected area of the Zakarpattya region and improving of their protection”, and in 1998 - BSP project  “Edition of the illustrated reference book “Protected areas fund of the Zakarpattya region”. The performance of the BSP projects was carried out in close co-operation with Department of Protection of Natural Environment and Nuclear Safety of the Zakarpattya region, Department of a Forestry of the Zakarpattya region and Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. During 1999-2000 within the framework of the TACIS project  Ecoclub directly carried out the projects “Liflet about the sustainable certificated forestry in basin of the Tisa river”, “Creation of  guide-board for Carpathian Biosphere Reserve” and "Third Forum of public organisations in Rakhiv”. All projects were fulfilled successfully.

The Ecological club “Carpathians” was one of the co-organisers III International scientific conference “State and prospects of bat investigations of Carpathians on a joint of millenniums ” (Rakhiv, September 8-12 2000).

2000-2001 Ecoclub actively participates in realisation of the WWF project “Carpathian Ecoregional Initiative". In this project the members of Ecoclub execute duties of national co-ordinator, regional co-ordinator on socio-economics and contact person on biodiversity.

The contact information:

Ecoclub “Carpathians”, Post Box 10, Rakhiv, Zakarpattya region, 90600, Ukraine.

Ph.: (00380) 03132 22628, fax: (00380) 03132 21613.