Information letter No. 2

International Scientific-Practical Conference

Ecological and social-economic aspects of ethnic-cultural and historical heritage conservation in the Carpathians

The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve in association with the Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Rakhiv District Counsel, and the Swiss-Ukrainian Forestry Development Project in Transcarpathia FORZA, organizes an International Conference “Ecological and social-economic aspects of ethnic-cultural and historical heritage conservation in the Carpathians”. The conference is planned to be held on September 2-4, 2005 in the town of Rakhiv, Zakarpattia province (Transcarpathia), Ukraine, during the XV Hutsul Festival. 

Such problems are planned for discussion:  

1.     The role of natural environment in spiritual and cultural values formation of mountain dwellers.  

2.     Negative impact of ecological and social-economic processes upon the state of the unique ethnic originality conservation in the Carpathian Mountains.   

3.     The Carpathian Convention as an important means of international co-operation in the field natural and cultural heritage conservation.  

4.     Importance of protected territories for ethnic-cultural and historical heritage conservation.

Requirements for proceedings:

Size of proceedings must not exceed 4-5 pages either in Ukrainian or in English, and must be sent to the organizers before June 1 2005.

Proceedings must be sent both in printed and electronic version Word 7.0/95 (*.doc), type 12 Times New Roman, within 1 space, format A4 with tables and figures inserted in the text. Figures may also be sent in separate files.

UDC code must be given  on the front page with the title of the paper in capital letters below it in the center. Author’s name must be given below within 1.5 spaces in capital letters, and below it – organization, town, and country. Further on, within 2 spaces – author’s name, title of proceedings and a brief summary. The text itself starts in 2 spaces with a break off of 0.5 cm. List of selected literature (references) is given at the end of the text.

The Conference Organizing Committee has a right to reject papers that do not reflect main issues planned for discussion or do not fulfill the given terms.

Information as for the admission fee will be provided later in the Information letter No. 3.

You are welcome to send proceedings on this address:

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

90600, Rakhiv, mail box #8,

Zakarpattya province (Transcarpathia)


Tel.:(03132) 22193;  Fax: (03132) 22632;