International Scientific-Practical Conference

Ecological and social-economic aspects of ethnic-cultural and historical heritage conservation in the Carpathians

The Carpathian Biosphere reserve in co-operation with the Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine and the Rakhiv District Council, organizes an International Scientific-Practical Conference “Ecological and social-economic aspects of ethnic-cultural and historical haritage conservation in the Carpathians”. It is to be held during the 4-th Hutsul Festival.

Such problems are planned for discussion:  

1.     The role of natural environment in spiritual and cultural values formation of mountain dwellers.  

2.     Negative impact of ecological and social-economic processes upon the state of the unique ethnic originality conservation in the Carpathian Mountains.   

3.     The Carpathian Convention as an important means of international co-operation in the field natural and cultural heritage conservation.  

4.     Importance of protected territories for ethnic-cultural and historical heritage conservation.

Proceedings of the conference are planned to be published. A scheme and  the papers’ format will be given in the next message, which will be sent to those, who sends us a filled-in application form.  

Address of the Organizing Committee:

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

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Zakarpattya province (Transcarpathia)


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